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Dr. S. Paul Singh is a Cargo Securement expert and offers experience and professionalism for any of your legal needs.

By providing expert opinion in over 300 cases and being retained in over 500 lawsuits, Dr. S. Paul Singh is an expert in the field of Packaging and Cargo Securement in Transportation. Dr. S. Paul Singh also provides legal and technical consultation in the areas of cargo securement, packaging and transportation.

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Dr. S. Paul Singh

Dr. S. Paul Singh

Dr. S. Paul Singh

Dr. S. Paul Singh is professional and his experience can help you with all of your legal needs.

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Case History

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Dr. S. Paul Singh

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Cargo Securement Expert

Cargo Securement Expert -Dr. S. Paul SinghDr. S. Paul Singh is Professor Emeritus at Michigan State University and an Expert in the field of Packaging and Cargo Securement in Transportation. With over 30 years of research and teaching experience, and with providing expert opinion in over 300 cases in the above areas, he brings his expertise to assist clients ranging from US Department of Justice, law firms, insurance companies and corporations. He has also published in over 325 peer reviewed publications, and 10 book chapters. He has represented plaintiff and defendants in various US states as well as Europe, Africa, Canada, India and China.

This web site is dedicated to the expertise and past record in this subject matter. Cargo securement is required by law. Dr. Singh has conducted research on various types of loads being shipped on flat-bed and van trailers, including ISO intermodal containers. Cases involving cargo securement, or lack of, results in drivers getting fatally injured when opening truck doors, or releasing tie-downs from flat beds, damage to shipment, and injuries and fatalities due to falling loads. He has also conducted pioneer research to prevent leaks in HazMat (hazardous materials) packages being shipped both by air and truck for the Federal Aviation Administration and Department of Transportation.

He was the founding Director of the Consortium of Distribution Packaging Research from 1990-2010, where under his leadership industry collaborated to conduct research in the areas of transportation, material handling, warehousing and packaging. These projects include measurement of vibration, shock, and climatic data inside trailers and intermodal containers from China, India, South America to the United States. He is currently the President of Packaging Forensics Associates.

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